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Frequently asked questions
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  • Why can I trade/buy items with a 1-8 day tradehold?

    You can always trade/buy items with a tradehold from our inventory/market and then get it deposited on your onsite inventory. You will then be able to withdraw these items to your steam account after the tradehold expired. 

    Keep in mind that tradelocked items can't be deposited.

  • Why is my item marked as “overstock”?

    Items that are marked as overstocked are not available to trade at this time. 

    There is most likely too many items of this type in our inventory already.

  • Why is my item marked as “not accepted”?

    The item is not popular.

    The price is not in acceptable range.

    The item is permanently blocked from depositing.

  • Why is my item marked as “unstable”?

    The price of this item has been varying a lot the last couple of days, the restriction will be removed once the price has stabilized.

  • What fee does CSGOTrades have?

    To check what fee does CSGOTrades have You need to go eather to trading page to check fee for trading or on sell page to check fees for market.

  • Why page does not load my items?

    For big inventories sometimes it can take up to 30 seconds before we fully load your items and needed data, please be patient.

    It is possible that steam is currently having problems. You can always check if steam is available on

    If you can still not load the site make sure to clean your Browser's Cache.

  • Why my item is not showing up?

    It might happen that your inventory is cached and not shown in the right way. To prevent that make sure to click the refresh button.

  • Still need help with something?

    You can always contact us through the “Support” tab. and open a ticket with any question.

    We are here to help you as fast as we can!