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Bug bounty program
If you found bug, we will pay you!

Program details

The main prerogative of our site is to give our users opportunity to buy, trade or sell CSGO items. In order to do that we must ensure that our user's data is safe and secure and that We offer best user experience out there. We decided to launch our bug bouny program, to fix any bugs and security issues of our site. If you found one feel free to contact us, we will check your submission and pay you if your issue meet our reward guidelines!

Reward guidelines

Target Reward
XSS or CSRF vulnerabilities which have significant impact $ 250.00+
Clickjacking $ 50.00+
For remote executing code on server, unlegitimate access to our servers, disclosure internal private API $ 500.00+
For any unlegitimate access to our support system $ 100.00+
Any deanonymization of users or user's data. Trading history, telephone numbers, ips and etc. $ 500.00+
Any errors in logic which can lead to loss of the money. $ 50.00 - $ 5000.00
Authorization or authentication bypass $ 250.00+

If you find a vulnerability or you want to clarify information about the conditions of the program, contact us:

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